[cvsnt] Recent timezone change

Cary Sweet carydesnoyers at shaw.ca
Wed Mar 14 16:47:05 GMT 2007

Currently, if we check in a file and subsequently view the history of that file, it displays 1 hour into the future as the version date.  The date stored in the CVS repository is correct GMT+7, but the date pulled out GMT+6 is not.  It would appear that WinNT is not aware of the recent changes to the Daylight Savings Time start and end dates.  Is there a patch for CvsNT that will fix this issue?

All machines involved have both the same time and timezone settings.  I have also tried to 3 different software packages(IntelliJ, WinCvs, TeamCity) to determine if the problem lies with the client.  All the clients agree that the date is 1 hour in the future.  This appears to point to CvsNT as the culprit.  Perhaps CvsNT uses its own conversion utility to determine whether or not to apply Daylight Savings Time to a particular timezone before sending the date to the client.


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