[cvsnt] Recent timezone change

Michael Wojcik Michael.Wojcik at microfocus.com
Wed Mar 14 17:21:42 GMT 2007

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> Currently, if we check in a file and subsequently view the 
> history of that file, it displays 1 hour into the future as 
> the version date.  The date stored in the CVS repository is 
> correct GMT+7, but the date pulled out GMT+6 is not.  It 
> would appear that WinNT is not aware of the recent changes to 
> the Daylight Savings Time start and end dates.  Is there a 
> patch for CvsNT that will fix this issue?

Surely the problem is in Windows NT, and *that* needs to be patched,
rather than CVSNT?

I just did a quick test on XP (with the Microsoft DST patch installed),
and my CVSNT server there is converting times correctly.

I think (following a quick glance at my somewhat-out-of-date CVS
sources) that CVSNT just uses localtime and friends to convert between
local and universal time.  Those are implemented in the MSVC7 runtime.
I don't know whether the MSVC7 library authors used an independent time
conversion implementation, or used Windows APIs such as
SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime.  (MSVC's localtime is subject to
_tzset, which suggests the former; but even if MSVC7 uses its own
implementation, it may still rely on the system timezone database,
wherever that is in Windows.)

At any rate, I suspect your quarrel is with Microsoft.  Or, perhaps,
with Ed Markey and Fred Upton.

Michael Wojcik
Principal Software Systems Developer, Micro Focus

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