[cvsnt] cvs update: Cannont handle year-specific DST clues in TIME_ZONE_INFORMATION

Alexander Mai Alexander.Mai at nirvana.org
Thu Mar 15 20:04:15 GMT 2007

Hello Tony,

Tony Hoyle wrote:

> Odd... what timezone?  I actually had to grep the source for that error
> because it's part of the original code done a few years back.

Germany, i.e. central europe.
Shall I retrieve a more machine-readable specification for this?

> A more likely explanation is corrupted OS timezone data - a broken fix
> for the recent US DST change pergaps?
> (this also means the server is running FAT which probably isn't a great
> idea, given its limitations and lack of security).
> Tony

I don't know (yet) about the server's filesystem. But I check out that
repository on a NTFS drive (harddisk) with no problem. The problem
occurs while "backup" on an FAT32 USB stick only!

I seem to remember M$ has recently sent out some related fixes but
wasn't aware of any problems induced by this.


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