[cvsnt] rearranging branches

Rick Martin rsmandcam at _NO_SPAM_sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 16 19:26:44 GMT 2007

I have a branch that is on a number of files. Some of these files have
different tags. I realize know that instead of a single branch I should
have created a branch for each of the tags. Is there a simple way <g> to
recreate the branches I really wanted and possibly get rid of the single
branch I don't?

   1.1 	   : BaseBranch : GoodTag1

   1.1 :     BaseBranch : GoodTag2

What I'd like to do is change BaseBranch on any file that has a revsion
with GoodTag1 to GoodBranch1 and for any file with a revision GoodTag2 I
want to change BaseBranch to GoodBranch2.
So it would look like this:

   1.1 	   : GoodBranch1 : GoodTag1

   1.1 :     GoodBranch2 : GoodTag2

I can live with BaseBranch existing afterward and just ignoreing it. I'd
prefer for BaseBranch to go away or be replaced by the separate


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