[cvsnt] UPDATE Does Not Return the Most Recent Revision

Brandon Frost bfrost at hcgsoftware.com
Tue Mar 20 16:41:27 GMT 2007

Short Problem Description:
A CVS Update command is no longer returning the most recent revision of
files in the CVS repository.

History and Specs:
I have been using CVSNT every day for a couple of years now without any
problems; version 2.0.58d.  I use TortoiseCVS as my client; version 1.8.9.
CVSNT is running on a Win2003 server.  Tortoise clients run on WinXP Pro
development machines.

Detail Scenario:
Last Friday, a CVS update stopped returning the most recent revision of
files in the HEAD branch.  Since then, I have tested this multiple times
with the same result.  For example, I made a change to an existing file.
Before changes, that file revision number was 1.1.  I did a commit which
incremented the revision number to 1.2.  A CVS log command shows both
revisions in the repository and shows that 1.2 is the most recent HEAD
revision number.  I followed that up with a CVS update command and the file
"rolls back" to revision 1.1 and my changes are no longer in my sandbox.  If
I make my changes again, and commit again, the revision number rolls to
something like  Further CVS update commands continue to bring me
back to revision 1.1.  

Thinking this might be a problem with Tortoise, I stopped using the visual
portion of the client and started typing in the CVS command by hand in a DOS
box.  The results were the same.  Here is the syntax of my commands:
"C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\cvs.exe" update -d -P .  (Run from a source
file folder to update the whole folder.)
"C:\Program Files\TortoiseCVS\cvs.exe" log ./TortoiseNotes.txt  (Run on a
specific file to get historical information.)

Thinking this had something to do with sticky-ness, tried getting a specific
revision.  This brought the correct revision number into my sandbox, but
then left a sticky tag (either date or number; I tried both) on the file.
No further changes could be committed.  I then cleared the sticky tag using
CVS update -A and was again "rolled back" to a revision that was not the
latest revision. (i.e. revision 1.1 in my previous example.)

I'm not sure what to do at this point as I can't get CVS to give me the
latest revision of a file using a normal update.  This is happening for
every developer on our team and is causing significant problem when our
source tree is updated and local changes are being put in .# files when
"roll backs" happen.  Can anyone could shed some light on this problem?

Thank you.
Brandon Frost

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