[cvsnt] CVS group acl issues

Albe alberto.difede at gmail.com
Fri May 4 15:37:51 BST 2007

Hi everybody,

i have a cvsnt build 2151 installed on a win 2003 server which 
is causing me some headache with cvs integrated acls implementation, a 
thing which didn't happen with the same build on a linux installation.

The AclMode is "normal" and i've set permissions with Windows Domain groups:

/ level: allow "group 1", "group 2" to do everything

/folder/subfolder: deny all to "group 2"

The problem is that for some user in group 1 i get access denied on 
files in /folder/subfolder.
Also, some user in both groups can't access the repository at all.

This is absurd, since it's not a linear behavior, it's not a all or none 
thing, just for some user of those groups.

File permissions are open for everybody, so, what's wrong?

Any help would be really appreciated, this issue has already caused 
tagging misalignments.


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