[cvsnt] CVSNT ACL on a file basis on WinXP/SSPI

Arthur Maitre maitrarthur at hotmail.com
Wed May 30 09:52:54 BST 2007


My question is about CVSNT ACL : I would to control the read right on a file 
basis for a cvs repository.
I use cvs chacl on sspi protocol. The access right works fine for the 
directory but do not have any effect on the file.

It's a full windows system : server and client.

There are 2 users : A and B.
A should have access to all files. B should not access to *.vb files.

I work directly on the repository files, which have a ",v" extension.
If I set NTFS rights so that B has not the read right on those files, when B 
tries to checkout the module, he gets an error on the RCS file.

I do not see how to set up NTFS rights other way.

Here is a copy of my tests to control user access on files in the repository 

CVSNT is configured with "run as (client user)".

On the server, in the repository, if I exclude user B from the authorized 
user for a file (CaWeb.sln), when I try to list the module on the client, I 
get this :


D:\test>cvs -d :sspi:B at hostname:/nut ls caweb.dev/caweb
Listing module: caweb.dev/caweb

cvs [server aborted]: Couldn't open RCS file 
/nut/caweb.dev/caweb/CaWeb.sln,v: Permission denied

Neither the file nor the rest of the directory can be accedeed.
And it is not possible to checkout the module due to the error.

If read right are given to user B on the file CaWeb.sln, the ls is possible 


D:\test>cvs -d :sspi:B at hostname:/nut ls caweb.dev/caweb
Listing module: caweb.dev/caweb


But I don't want that file caWeb.sln can be viewed and accedeed.

So I don't see how to set up NTFS right on the file.

Thank you.


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