[cvsnt] cvs diff?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Nov 19 09:54:29 GMT 2007


> > Are you saying this looks like a bug in 2.5.04?  If so please send
> I have had the same problem in 2.5.03 while I was working on the EVS 
> code. The cvs diff didn't show the correct results. If I had small 

I just checked elim's original message and he was using -
which is rather old.

I think you and elim were/are seeing the same bug - you would have seen
it on cvs.cvsnt.org and elim on his own server - it was a bug in 2.5.04
server for ages and ages, and around the time we did the September
release of EVS we also reverted the entire diff module of 2.5.04 back to
the 2.5.03 version - that finally fixed it.

So hopefully you can NO LONGER reproduce this with cvs.cvsnt.org and any
client.  Let me know if you can...


Arthur Barrett

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