[cvsnt] Locking a CVS branch

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Sun Oct 21 13:20:50 BST 2007

Jyothi wrote:

> This is the situation: I have some code in the main trunk. I forked a new
> branch (lets call it STB_BR) from the main trunk. Currently, the code on
> the branch is exactly same as the main branch as there has been no
> development after branching (given a file, the revision is same on both
> the branches). I would like to lock the files in the STB_BR branch and
> allow developers to change files in the main trunk.  When I try to lock
> the STB_BR branch, it lock the latest version of all the files in the
> branch. But the problem is, since it is locking a version of the file
> (and not a file in a branch) and this version of the file is the latest
> version on the main trunk too, it has essentially locked the file on the
> main trunk too. Is there a way to avoid this scenario. Though the same
> version of a file is present on two branches, i would like to lock the
> file in one branch and not on the other. 
> The command I used to lock the branch is "cvs admin -lSTB_BR"

Try using ACLs to prevent commits to the branch, rather than locking the
branch revisions. Locking is deprecated anyway
<http://www.cvsnt.org/manual/html/admin.html> (not depreciated, as it says
there -- or maybe it's both :)


(If you really want to lock rather than use ACLs, I suppose you could force
a commit on the branch without changing anything. That would create a new
revision that is only on the branch, and then locking the branch would not
lock the HEAD.)


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