[cvsnt] Error: cannot rename file CVS/Entries.Backup toCVS/Entries: Bad Address

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We test the same combo of software as you are using (except you should upgrade the server to the latest version) and it works all the time.  So you need to send us better diagnostics, the above link (and the rest of the FAQ) will tell you how.



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We have a serius problem here using eclipse updating from CVSNT. 

The message occurs quite often when trying to update or synch. 

I think we gets it 5 outa 10 times. 

The server is a windows 2003 sp1 running CVSNT 2.5.03(Scorpio) Build 2151

The clients are either Rational Application Developer vith eclipce 3.2.2, 
or WSAD 5.1.2

I hope you can help

Kind regards

John Troelsen


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