[cvsnt] Server mode?

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Sat Sep 8 10:40:50 BST 2007

Chris Morris wrote:
> I'm trying to find some basic information on server mode? "cvs server"
> It just goes to an interactive mode and anything I type in is just ignored -
> and Googling around I can't find any information on it. In the latest
> cvsnt.org manual, there's no docs on this command in the appendix - it's
> just skipped, as far as I can tell.
It's the command that's used to pass client/server protocol data 
directly to the server. It's not really useful to type as a command 
line.. that won't even work on windows due to its use of cr/lf. 
Frontends like eclipse use it to talk to the server directly using their 
own clients.


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