[cvsnt] No space left on device

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Sep 11 14:58:12 BST 2007

Windows can have Disk Quotas, or if your temp space is on a SAN or NAS
the server may have disk quotes - it's not a CVSNT think it's a windows
Another other likely cause is anti-virus on the server.
You can also enable tracing in the CVSNT server control panel and then
perform the client function with -ttt, eg: cvs -ttt co module.

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		If it's on the server it'll be the temp directory is
filling up.  What
		server OS?  Is there a disk quota on the temp directory.
2.0.38 could be
		very different from 2.5 - I've no idea, 2.038 was sooooo
long ago... 

	Oh, no - we're running the latest 2.5 now - I said we just
upgraded from 2.0.38 last week (in case that had any bearing on the
	It's a Windows server - not exactly sure which - maybe 2003. Is
there a temp directory quota or somesuch that cvsnt imposes? Or is it
simply limited to free disk space? 


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