[cvsnt] cvs chacl -a read,write; but user still cannot commit.

Shivendra_Vishal Shivendra_Vishal at satyam.com
Thu Sep 13 11:10:46 BST 2007

Hi Arthur,

Thank you for the quick reply. Next time I will keep in mind the points given by you.I'm providing all the detailed steps what I have done till now please help me to resolve this issue in windows environment and sspi protocol.

Repository structure is like this :-
Here repo is the repository name. Inside repo are CVSROOT and the Prj where Prj is the project.

Step 1. I created the user groups CVSAdmins, CVSUsers and CVSAdmin-repo, here repo is name of created repository.
Step 2. CVSAdmins contains the user user1 , CVSAdmin-repo contains user2 and CVSUsers contains the user user3. Here all 	  the users are domain users.
Step 3. Here we have given CVSAdmins full rights over all repositories, CVSAdmin-repo full rights over repo and CVSUsers 	  are given read access only.
Step 4. For setting the user permissions following steps were followed:
         4.1. 	Created an admin file inside repo. This admin file contains "user1".
	   4.2.	After adding users through command prompt passwd file is created automatically inside CVSROOT and 				contains the user	names.
	   4.3. 	CVSROOT was checked out and writers file was appended with all the user names ex user1,user2,user3. 
         4.4.	In the config file Lockserver was uncommented and set to localhost:2402.
	   4.5.	Finally the changed writers and config file were committed to server.
Step 5.  Now in the command prompt following command was used after checking out to local folder sandbox ->
		D:\temp\sandbox> cvs chown Prj user1     // changing owner of Prj
		D:\temp\sandbox> cvs lsacl
            Directory: Prj
		Owner: user1
		D:\temp\sandbox> cvs chacl -a read -u user3 Prj      // giving read access to user3
		D:\temp\sandbox> cvs lsacl
		Directory: Prj
		Owner: user1

		user= user3
Step 6. User3 logs in into the client environment and is able to read and checkout the module however if any file is 	   	  changed and check in is done he gets the error:

	" cvs [server aborted]: could not open lock file `/repo/pttest/,test.txt,': Permission denied "

	This is perfectly all right as user has been given read access only.
Step 7. Now User3 is given read,write access using following command in commend line in the server:
        D:\temp\sandbox> cvs chacl -a read,write -u user3 Prj     // giving read,write access to user3
		D:\temp\sandbox> cvs lsacl
		Directory: Prj
		Owner: user1

		user= user3
Step 8. Again when user3 tries to commit the changes in the Step 6 in the client system, he receives the same error :
		" cvs [server aborted]: could not open lock file `/repo/pttest/,test.txt,': Permission denied "
	But it shouldn't happen.
Can you suggest me why commit is not happening after giving the read, write permission for user3?

Warm Regards

Shivendra Vishal
Satyam Computer Services Limited
12, Wood Head Towers
Ph:-> +91-44-66287757 ( Extn:- 7757 )

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Please always provide a subject.

> User is not able to commit which he should have.

Please give the actual literal error.

Also give the results of "cvs lsacl module-name"



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