[cvsnt] Server log questions

Chris Morris the.chrismo at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 01:23:13 BST 2007

I'm continuing my debugging on our production cvsnt server ( with
TeamCity. The short story is TeamCity is working fine with a test install of
the same version of cvsnt (same version), but with our production box,
TeamCity appears to get hung doing a step it calls "Checking for changes"
using the "cvs server" mode.

I was able to capture a log from both the test server where it works and the
production server where it doesn't. We captured . The logs are very verbose,
so nothing is really jumping off the page at me -- except for one very
strange thing in the production cvsnt server log.

It has 3 sections of text, with 2 very large (one of them is 4.8 MB)
sections of white space (all spaces with no cr/lf). The sections of text all
have essentially the same range of time stamps, too. I have no idea if
that's normal, but it certainly doesn't seem so. I can email the log file to
someone if you want, but it's too large to post here (well, maybe if the
bulk of it is spaces it could .zip down a whole bunch).

The first section matches the start of the test server log. The other 2
sections start after the large section of white space in mid-line.

I'm wondering if we should try to re-install on the production box. We used
to have 2.0.38 on that box and recently upgraded. Due to some
miscommunication, I showed after our admin had started, so I'm not sure if
he uninstalled 2.0.38 first. Could that be causing these log problems?


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