[cvsnt] Upgrading to cvsnt-

Clovis Garcia clovis at phoebus.com.br
Thu Apr 17 15:17:47 BST 2008

I´m having some problems when trying to upgrade to this version. I 
checked that my server has 2 different versions of CVSNT installed 
( and I don´t know how the previous network 
administrator managed to do that but that´s the actual situation of my 
server. I´ve tried to uninstall both versions before install the new one 
but I can´t do that probably because the folder %WINNT%\Installer was 
deleted some time ago due lack of disk space :s

Then I tried to install the new cvsnt but the installation tries to 
uninstall the previous versions before continues then a window popup 
asking to find the MSI files used to install. I´ve already find the 2260 
MSI but I don´t have the 1969 file anymore. I don´t want to uninstall 
the 2260 before the 1969 because I don´t know if the 2382 will be 
installed if the 1969 is still installed.

Could some one help me with this task? I need the 1969 MSI or 
instructions to install the 2382 without removing the 1969.

Thanks in advance,
Clóvis Garcia

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