[cvsnt] Access control in Windows

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Thanks for your response.  I must have a mental block about this.  Can you 
be a little more specific about how CVSNT uses AD?  Is the group file 
ignored?  What about the modules file?  Is that used?

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Peter Crowther <Peter.Crowther at melandra.com> 
08/13/2008 04:15 AM

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RE: [cvsnt] Access control in Windows

> From: pdfeeny at aep.com
> How is security implemented within Windows to allow a user to
> access only
> the modules s/he need?  Is the group file used at all or would groups
> reside in AD and the group file done away with?

We've got ours set up with SSPI, and groups reside in AD.  We find that 
suits our management style of "one directory to rule them all"!

                - Peter

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