[cvsnt] Message form list come with reply to the individual sender

Peter Crowther Peter.Crowther at melandra.com
Sun Dec 21 11:05:15 GMT 2008

> From: Bo Berglund
> I can't understand why anyone could be actively using the email
> interface when there exists a news interface....

As an example: I have a single interface for messages that don't need instant response.  It's Microsoft Outlook (for my sins!)  Outlook handles newsgroups poorly - they're managed as Exchange public folders, and even that functionality is going away.

Adding another place to look for messages doubles the complexity of managing my messages.  I cannot easily change my mail client (long story, but a common one in businesses).  Therefore the email interface is more functional *for me* than the newsgroup interface.  I accept that where there is an unconstrained choice of message reader, the balance is likely to be different.

                - Peter

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