[cvsnt] cannot create <...> for copying: No space left on device

Van Quakebeke, Joseph A Joe.VanQuakebeke at ingenix.com
Tue Feb 12 19:34:05 GMT 2008

Have you checked your /tmp space?

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I am forever getting the following error across an array of systems:

"cvsnt [server aborted]: cannot create
</...path.../CVS/Entries.Extra.Old> for copying: No space left on

1) Of course, there are no full partitions on server or client.

2) It appears to happen most often during a big (100's files) checkout
or update

3) Clients are running a variety of recent versions, on both win32 and
FreeBSD (i.e.

4) Server is FreeBSD running  this was auto-updated
recently, the same error was occuring on whatever the current cvsnt
version was 15 months ago also.

5) The file that blows up is always in a CVS folder, but never the same
folder from system-to-system or day-to-day, however, it would appear if
I delete the offending file, and do an update, it usually goes thru that
one fine, then tanks on another similar file a couple directories later.

6) I have reset permissions and owners on all affected files.

7) I have moved the repository to a different disk

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