[cvsnt] Equivalent of VSS Shared Files?

Chuck Kirschman Chuck.Kirschman at Nosp_am.bentley.com
Thu Feb 14 15:44:08 GMT 2008

Has anyone come up with a good answer to Shared Files from VSS?  Here's 
what my user is asking:

We have some global code that is common to multiple exes/dlls. E.g. 
security.bas which is used by all the VB exes. There is effectively a 
single copy of this file in VSS which is shared among multiple 
'projects'. So if you browse the source repository you see this file 
repeated 10's of times, but in reality there is a single copy with links 
to the multiple projects. If the file is changed in one project, it is 
changed in all. These global files are effectively 'locked' (checked out 
in VSS parlance) by the VSS Administrator at all times, and when a 
changed is required the files are unlocked until the change has been 
carried out and then relocked.

So VSS supports some sort of internal symbolic link.  I'm not a huge fan 
of the concept, but I'm a C developer and I don't know much VB, so I 
don't know what the requirements are over there.  Does anyone have any 


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