[cvsnt] Error when commiting files in CVSNT

Chris Cavallaro ccavallaro at varetire.org
Thu Feb 21 22:25:39 GMT 2008


Thanks for your replies.

I did look at triggers from CVSROOT.

The contents of all files in our CVSROOT are just comments except for 
history, passwd, valtags and config (where we uncommented SystemAuth=yes).

It is defintiely odd behavior. It seems as though the repository is getting 
into an corrupt state somehow.

Our workaround for this issue (which works fairly consistently) is:

1.) Create a new sandbox from the branch/tag of interest

2.) Make a trivial change (add or delete a blank line) at the beginning of 
the file

3.) Commit that change... tada it works

4.) Make the actual change by copy/paste from the developers main sandbox 
(these changes are also very small changes... developers are not allowed to 
make major changes w/o permission)

5.) Commit that change... tada it works

It seems as though CVSNT is bombing somehow and putting the repository file 
into a corrupt state. We can then view it,, tag it and view its history, we 
just cannot commit it. If we can get a change to commit, it works again. 
This happens sporadically on files throughout our repository (maybe 1 file 
in 50).



"Arthur Barrett" <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com> wrote in message 
news:mailman.248.1203629614.1277.cvsnt at cvsnt.org...

> We have added no triggers of our own.
> The dll's in the triggers directory of CVSNT install (audit,

No I meant like CVSROOT/commitinfo

> So my guess is it is dying in the "info.dll" trigger.

This trigger runs the CVSROOT/???? Triggers - and the trace shows it is
crashing there.  Do a 'cvs checkout CVSROOT' and look at each of the

There have been some odd reports of this happening but as far as I know
they do not relate to your example and were all fixed well before build


Arthur Barrett

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