[cvsnt] Problem with a DLL which is part of your package

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Feb 21 23:24:39 GMT 2008


Make sure you are using 2.5.04 - we are no longer accepting FOSS bugs on

> Is it necessary to put this DLL into the DLL search path by 
> default? If not, could you please work around it by putting 
> the DLL into a subfolder that is *not* part of the search path.

We already get complaints about too many sub-folders, but I think based
on the explanation it's reasonable, I'll have a go at doing that in the
next RC, but no promises...

> Problem mitigation:

Just put the CVSNT path 'lower' in the order than the other things that
go looking for the DLL.  CVSNT 2.5.04 does not need to be in the PATH at
all to work, we load our DLL's from the directory registered in the


Arthur Barrett

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