[cvsnt] Cannot add file on branch with CVSNT 2.5.04

David Hauck davidh at netacquire.com
Fri Feb 22 00:38:02 GMT 2008

Hi Arthur,

> David,
> > I guess there's no bugid associated with this
> Correct - it was a side effect of something else I believe.
> > ;). Seriously though installing and testing on an issue by
> > issue basis isn't an option for us
> Unless somebody does it doesn't get fixed ;)  If a you are relying on
> CVSNT in a commercial environment then your boss should be persuaded to
> donate some of your time to the open source effort or to pay for Pro
> support from the people who are providing the open source effort.
> Remember that open source is not about 'free beer' but the 'freedom to
> contribute'.

We do do this. Unfortunately we use *dozens* of FOSS components in our business and we have to prioritize which ones get this kind
of attention. Incidentally, we have been involved in the kind of testing you indicate above with CVSNT in the past...


> Regards,
> Arthur Barrett

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