[cvsnt] How to set the access for the Branch.

Kamath, Sujeeth x_kamat at ugs.com
Tue Jan 1 05:37:07 GMT 2008

Hello All,


I  think I am missing something and not able to come up with a proper


1.	I installed the CVSNT server created the Repository added users.
Bo's manual was very helpful in doing so. I am using lockserver feature
2.	I use a single repository with many modules.
3.	The CVS server is a win2003 server. I have enabled execute
permission for cmd.
4.	Then I followed the instructions provided at the following
location http://www.cvsnt.org/wiki/SetAcl  to set the access for the
repository folders.Made sure that the source folders have modify access
to all the users.
5.	I also added the writers file to provide the write access to the
6.	The entire user community is using the CVS server without any
issue and everything is working fine.
7.	Recently we got a requirement to branch out from the Main
trunk.As we had pahsewise delivery requirement where we need to deliver
just a portion of our code while the regular development is taking place
at main trunk
8.	Now the problem started. I created branch successfully for all
the modules , but the trouble is users are getting permission denied
error when they do a commit. If I add the user to the admin file then he
gets the access to commit the file to branch, but this is not a ideal
9.	Can some one please educate me the best practice to set access
for a branch? That will be much helpful as I am having the requirement
to create one more branch and before that I want to resolve the access




Sujeeth Kamath  


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