[cvsnt] CVSNT error on windows 2003 server:no such repository

Luigi D. Sandon cp at sandon.it
Thu Jan 10 13:49:27 GMT 2008

> Name: D:/CVS/repositories/JavaWebApp_cy

The repository name is a sort of "alias" you use to connect to. No need to 
use a path, you can use a name easier to remember and to type. Also, it will 
mask where the repository is actually - no need for the developers to know 
it. If you need to move the repository, say to a disk with more free space, 
you just need to change its location - it will be totally transparent to 

If you use a CNAME DNS entry to point to your CVS server (say cvs.acme.com 
which maps to server.acme.com, for example), you can even move everything to 
a different server, with a different disk layout and even a different 
operating system, without changing anything on the client side.

Luigi D. Sandon 

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