[cvsnt] CVS RTAG not working

Matthew Rich mbrich2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 01:03:31 GMT 2008

The command is still running with no output.  I have to leave in a few minutes so the command will be terminated (Ihave to power down my laptop to take it home.  I will try restarting it so it will run overnight.   ALthough I did confirm with my IT guy we do not have any acl implemented on the CVS server.  Access is limited my FIrst by windows logons  and now by pserver.

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Yes, while I don't commit each and every file, I do  check out these same files (root module) everyday for builds and do commit files frequently.

I'm running your suggested command against the company CVSNT server, but it has not returned yet.  We have not implemented acls here (that I know of )

The server for the commit template is my local laptop and thus different then the company server, so I'm running the version that was install on my laptop by IT when I started at this company. 

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> Are the RCS file are different than then 
> repositories\archives?  I have repoository access as I 
> checkin and checkout file all the time.

These same files?

cvs -d:pserver:mrich at vienna:\mimosa rlsacl -R Root

Also I noted in the thread "Trying to implement commit template" you

> I'm running this on my local machine to test this before 
> implementing on the company CVS server.
> CVSNT server 2.5.03

Have you upgraded the server to 2.5.03?  You wrote previously your
server was 2.5.01?


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