[cvsnt] Trying to implement commit template

Matthew Rich mbrich2000 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 31 17:51:36 GMT 2008

Any ideas what my next steps should be? 

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Did all your steps. All was inplace before with the exception of the adding the template to the checkoulist and adding the template to the CVSROOT archives.  
Checked out again  - no template (tc.template - my filename).
Ran trace - on new checkout - no mention of tc.template in trace.
The only failure I found was this (several time in the trace.):

13:23:03:  -> rcsbuf_open(C:\myCVS\repro/root/.directory_history,v)
13:23:03:  -> rcsbuf_open failed

I have no file by that name is my repository.

So I back where I started.  

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From: Arthur Barrett <arthur.barrett at march-hare.com>
To: Matthew Rich <mbrich2000 at yahoo.com>; cvsnt at cvsnt.org
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Subject: RE: [cvsnt] Trying to implement commit template


> Has anyone here gotten this to work? 

Since the previous links I sent you were for the same OS and CVSNT version and those users stated they did get it working - the answer is yes.   If you look through posts just after that someone else has a different problem and they too get it working.  So it's definitely something unique to your setup.

Just to rule out everything else:
1. create a new repo and import a module (eg: repo 'testrepo' module 'test')
2. checkout CVSROOT from the new repo 
3. add template.txt to the checkoutlist file
4. create the template.txt file (in the CVSROOT sandbox)
5. 'cvs add' the template.txt file to the CVSROOT sandbox
6. the add an example line to the rcsinfo file from the previous newsgroups postings, eg: something like:
DEFAULT  C://myCVS//testrepo//CVSROOT//template.txt

7. commit the CVSROOT sandbox (will commit checkoutlist, template.txt and rcsinfo)
8. checkout the 'test' module
9. check that template.txt is in the hidden CVS directories
10. if template.txt isn't checked out then delete the 'test' sandbox and re-checkout using cvs -ttt co and go through the logfile looking for template.txt or other errors.


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