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Tue Jul 1 12:52:26 BST 2008

same problem.  Most of those postings were from 2006 and didn't have any


>If that does not work it's a lot more complex.  Try downloading the
>CVSNT (RC7) testing release (if that is not what you are
>already using) and if that doesn't work then report back.

Boy, v really went south on me.  There were a bunch of
towards the end of the install itself.  The first error was "Unable to
cvstool.dll (0x00000002). Check application installation."  I assume the

rest of the errors were just a snowball effect from this error.  It
did finish installing, but the services won't start. Not much
information to=20
gain from the system logs, just say that the service didn't start
And the control panel applet does not work.


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