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Tue Jul 1 12:52:26 BST 2008

thus causing the timestamp on the parent directory to be modified. Is
there any way of getting cvs to do build directories excluding empty
ones? Then I would not need to prune emtpy directories.

Btw, the reason my build looks at directories aswell as files, is to
detect if a file has been deleted since the last build.


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> I have noticed that any old and empty directory gets created while=20
> updating if the -d option is used, but the -P option deletes them all=20
> again afterwards. Windows notices this change in the directory and=20
> updates the timestamp of the directory.
> I don't know if this happens all the time or only on special occasions

> though.

The original post said "When I execute a 'cvs update -d' or a 'cvs
update -P', " so not 'cvs up -d -P', but two different commands and that
either. =20

You are quite right that 'cvs update -d' followed by 'cvs update -P'
could change the directory timestamp.



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