[cvsnt] Out of memory on checkout

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Jun 5 10:04:39 BST 2008


> I'm getting an out of memory errror on a file during a module 
> checkout from a branch, but I can check out fine from HEAD 
> and from another active branch.  THis is a binary file of 
> about 6MB and the archive size is 220Mb.  Earlier this week I 
> could just rerun the checkout command and it would complete 
> now I cannot complet the check out with the error.  DOes this 
> sound like oft mentioned Winodows memory issue of maybe a 
> corrupt archive?

If the server is on windows then it's probably just the bug in the MS C runtime.  We have a workaround available to customers that mostly works (but it's a workaround, we can't fix microsoft's code).  The intention is to merge this fix and others into 2.5.05 once 2.5.04 is finailly released as stable - but all that is cold comfort if this is preventing checkouts today.  

Is migrating to CVSNT on linux is a workable solution?


Arthur Barrett

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