[cvsnt] Wanted: examples of vendor and release tags for import command

Luigi D. Sandon cp at sandon.it
Mon Jun 9 08:55:03 BST 2008

> vendor refer to in the term "vendor tag"? My company? My client? Some 
> third
> party vendor? Who?

The "vendor branch" is mostly useful if you put under version control some 
third-party software which is developed outside your control, and that you 
may patch between releases. The idea is that the original code goes to the 
"vendor branch", while any modification you make on other branches (or the 
trunk itself). You can "import" new releases from the vendor to the vendor 
branch directly when they are made available, and then merge your changes, 
if still needed.

With CVSNT you can avoid to create a vendor branch when you import, and 
that's what I usually do for our code. If you choose to use them, you can 
use whatever vendor and release tag you like - as long as they are 
meaningful to you. Usually, they mean the vendor/library name, and which 
release is being imported.

Luigi D. Sandon 

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