[cvsnt] Editing file one at a time.

Jandir Bezerra jandirbezerra at gmail.com
Mon Jun 9 14:46:57 BST 2008


I'm trying to make my files of a CVS repository to be locked. And to
edited only once at a time.

At the server, i have written the following command line:

c:\repository\myfolder> "c:\program files\cvsnt\cvs" watch add -R

And I received the following message:

cvs watch: in directory .:
cvs [watch aborted]: CVS directory without administration files
present.  Cannot continue until this directory is deleted or renamed.

We, at the company, are initiating on CVS world. And we're still going
through basic problems. Does anyone could tell me the step-by-step on
how to make this work?
I hope I have made myself clear. Thanks in advance.

Jandir Bezerra

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