[cvsnt] Feature request for 2.5.04 or TortoiseCVS 1.10.8

Andreas Tscharner andy at vis.ethz.ch
Wed Jun 25 09:55:28 BST 2008

Hello World,

Installed on my PC was: TortoiseCVS 1.10.6, then CVSNT was 
uninstalled and the newer CVSNT was installed.
Now I updated TortoiseCVS to 1.10.7. TortoiseCVS now installed CVSNT and I had 2 versions of CVSNT on my system.
I didn't try how good that worked. I uninstalled both and installed again.

Feature request:
Either for CVSNT2.5.04: Check for an existing installation and install 
only if the new installation is newer
or TortoiseCVS 1.10.8: Make the installation of CVSNT optional, default: 

Best regards
Andreas Tscharner                                   <andy at vis.ethz.ch>
"Intruder on level one. All Aliens please proceed to level one."
                                       -- Call in "Alien: Resurrection"

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