[cvsnt] Control Panel Applet Not Working

Scott news at sellwareinc.com
Fri Jun 27 14:54:00 BST 2008

>The usual cause is an incompatible iconv.dll in the PATH.  So doing
>something like this from the DOS prompt will usually work OK:
>  c:
>  set PATH=c:\Program Files\cvsnt
>  simcvs.cpl

I tried setting the path and running it from the command line as you 
describe above, that did not work.

>That's really really odd - I've not heard of that before.
>Which version of CVSNT did you download?

I've tried version, both Windows installer and Innosetup 
installer.  I also tried, Windows installer. None of these 
successfully installed the control panel applet. Then I tried v 2.0.51d, 
from WinCVS, which did work.  However I need the newer version installed.

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