[cvsnt] cvs(nt) under both Linux and Windows

Luigi D. Sandon cp at sandon.it
Mon Mar 10 11:46:45 GMT 2008

> But it would be good not to have to
> duplicate sandboxes and keep them only on one partition?

No. Because I guess you don't use the same tools to work with the files, I'd 
use separate sandboxes under Windows and Linux, and would not allow either 
to mess with files/directories of the other - just keep them in sync with 
the server.

If something became really cheap lately that's disk space, I see no reason 
to force Linux access a NTFS partition, or worse, use a very unsecure FAT 
partition to store files.
And I do not know if a sandbox created in Windows is fully compatible with 
one created under Linux, and viceversa.

Luigi D. Sandon 

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