[cvsnt] cvs(nt) under both Linux and Windows

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Mar 10 20:16:12 GMT 2008


> I still think that would be nice if the CVS administrative 
> files (those
> under CVS/) could be understood by both systems. 

They are *usually* - the only reason why they may not here is because of a bug or because you are using a non-CVSNT server (or I guess both, or my memory could be going on me...).  The administrative files are usually LF EOL (like unix).

> There could be some
> indication stored under CVS/ indicating wether the sandbox 
> was first created
> by linux or windows, the type of encoding and the EOL. Using 
> cvsnt on one OS
> would just require to decode the CVS files using the appropriate
> encoding/EOL.

You can already achieve quite a similar result to this - but again you will need to switch to CVSNT server.  Mark the files as having a specific line ending, ie: cvs up -kl filename (errrm check syntax  ...) and then commit -f to save it, now on windows or linux the tex files will always be checked out with line-feeds and either client (windows or mac or linux) can commit it properly.

Doing something similar for non-coded files is feasible but not really high on our priority (and again would require CVSNT server).



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