[cvsnt] Possible bug in CVSNT

Tilo Riemer triemer at vision-experts.com
Wed Mar 26 17:15:34 GMT 2008


Am 24.03.2008, 21:47 Uhr, schrieb Leue, William M (GE, Research)  
<leue at crd.ge.com>:
> In a nutshell, CVS checkouts that use the 'pserver' protocol appear to
> 'hang' on the next-to-last file in a module and never complete.
> The server cvs version is 1.11.17, running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Some years ago we (from the CrossVC team) could observe the described  
behavior. It has nothing to do with the client side. In all known cases  
the server side caused the problem. I can remember we had this problem  
with a Debian server and the CVS version shipped with Debian. After  
replacing the Debian version of CVS with a self compiled original CVS all  
worked fine.
I guess after installing of the original CVS (not from Red Hat) or CVSNT  
your problem will be vanish.

Best regards,
Tilo Riemer

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