[cvsnt] Ability to query CVSNT tags?

Ryan Parlee rparlee-cvsnt at flyinghippo.com
Wed May 14 13:13:05 BST 2008

I have a repository located at /cvsroot/clientjobs which contains several 
modules, each one representing a specific job at our company.  Some jobs 
require tagging/branching and we've followed a certain methodolgy for doing 
this.  However, we don't seem to be very good about keeping straight which 
tags have been used for which projects.

 Is there a built-in way within CVSNT to query the various tags/branches for 
a given module?

I know about /CVSROOT/val-tags but this doesn't help much.. It simply 
contains a list of all tags used through the entire repository.  What I'm 
interested in knowing is:

1. what tags have been used for module1, module2, etc.?

2. is the tag "release-1_0_2-tag" a tag on HEAD or a tag on the branch 

Thanks, Ryan

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