[cvsnt] Problem with WINCVS and CVSNT

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed May 28 20:39:42 BST 2008


I've replied on the wincvs newsgroup as well.

> hi all i' m working to modify WinCVS to use by the default option -kB 
> during binary diff, but i don't find the file to modify thet option, 
> could sameone help me to find the location (if possible) 
> where i must do 
> this change plz?

If you want CVSNT server to assume all files are binary and to store
them using the binary delta option then just put '* -kB' in the
cvswrappers and switch on the compatibility option 'ignore client side
kopt' there is no need to modify WinCVS.

I think you asked previously about adding 'linux' files as -kB.  If this
question is related then why are you using wincvs to add linux files?



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