[cvsnt] (RC9) Fail to init new repository whenaudit database enabled.

Andy Southby asouthby at drumgrange.co.uk
Thu Nov 6 09:10:24 GMT 2008


Thanks for your response. I have done as suggested and created the new
repository with auditing disabled. I now have an initialised repository.

However when auditing is re enabled I get the following:

C:\Temp\CVSNTTest>cvs -d :sspi:falcon:/Work ls
audit_trigger error (session): Commands out of sync;  You can't run this
command now
Audit trigger initialiasation failed: Database initialisation failed
cvs server: Pre-command check failed
cvs [ls aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if

I have also tried the following combinations with the same results:
CVSNT Server install running on Win 2003 Server SP2
CVSNT Server install running on Win XP Pro SP3
MySQL 5.0.67
MySQL 4.1
and ODBC to both of the versions of MySQL

However SQLite works.

Any ideas I can try?

If I were to use SQLite initially until I could get MySQL working do you
know if it would be easy to transfer the data from the SQLite file to
the MySQL database? I really need to get this CVSNT server on line ASAP.


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