[cvsnt] Unable to create sub-directories on a branch even with ACLset to all or read, write, create

Terry Beavers TBeavers at SkywaySoftware.com
Tue Nov 11 23:10:35 GMT 2008


Sorry about the lack of info.

The server OS is Windows 2003
The client OS is Windows XP Pro
The CVS client is WinCVS (Build 1)
The CVSROOT is :pserver:tbeavers at cvs01:/CVS
The ACLMode is set to compat (We grant all perms on this server, then
restrict as needed)
No sandbox
And still no go with rchacl

Here are a few lines from the trace log:

setting ACL for directory skyway/releng
16:32:38: S -> fileattr_create(directory)
16:32:38: S -> fileattr_read(D:/CVS/skyway/releng)
16:32:38: S -> fileattr_find(acl)
16:32:38: S -> fileattr_getvalue(@user)
16:32:38: S -> fileattr_getvalue(@branch)
16:32:38: S -> fileattr_getvalue(@merge)
16:32:38: S -> fileattr_batch_delete()
16:32:38: S -> Name_Repository((null),skyway/releng)
16:32:38: S -> map_repository(D:/CVS/skyway/releng)
16:32:38: S -> lookup_module2(skyway/releng,8047)
16:32:38: S -> Repository = D:/CVS/skyway/releng
16:32:38: S -> Mapped repository = D:/CVS/skyway/releng
16:32:38: S -> lookup_module2(skyway/releng,8048)

Please let me know if you need anything else.

Thanks for your support,


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with ACLset to all or read, write, create


> We are running CVSNT 2.5.03 Build 2382
> cvs chacl -R -r SKYWAY_BRANCH -u terry -a all skyway/

We need much more information, including the server and client os, the
CVSROOT being used (eg: :pserver:host/repo), the ACLMode (as set in
CVSROOT/config), the permissions on the repository dir, the results of
enabling 'clients are allowed to trace server' and then tracing the
chacl (don't send the trace to the newsgroup - read the trace and send
send maybe one or three lines of relavent information), the current
directory - is it a sandbox etc etc.  Does rchacl work?



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