[cvsnt] can't set acl rights

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Oct 2 14:00:05 BST 2008

> I need set different rights for different groups. And I've got with
> such problem. Other rules work, but one of them not.
> In group file I've added group limited. This group can all in mydir:
> cvs -d :sspi:myname at myservername:/cvs chacl -a all -u limited mydir
> But, they must only read in mydir/prog. I did so:
> cvs -d :sspi:myname at myservername:/cvs chacl   -n -a read -u 
> limited mydir/prog

What aclmode are you using?  (look in CVSROOT/config).

For aclmode=compat you need something like:
cvs rchacl -a nowrite -u limited mydir/prog

For aclmode-normal you need something like:
cvs rchacl -n -a all -u limited mydir
cvs rchacl -a read -u limited mydir/prog



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