[cvsnt] Request for info about setting up master/slave repositories

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Oct 22 20:21:27 BST 2008


> Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I'll even offer to 
> create a wiki entry for this if I can get it going... :-)

Great!  Thanks - all help appreciated!  

If you don't already have write access to the cvsnt.org/wiki  just send
a request tot the newsgroup requesting that in the message line.

Alternatively you can update the actual cvs documentation which is in
docbook format (XML).  I just hack it by hand the hard way but I think
Tony uses some fancy docbook editor thingy.  It's in the repo in the
cvsnt/doc directory.  I've added a paragraph or two just based on my
initial e-mail about this (which you've already read) and also referring
to other newsgroup posts by URL.



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