[cvsnt] CVSNT crashes with access violation in cvsapi.dll

Atticus at maledictis.de Atticus at maledictis.de
Wed Oct 29 14:19:02 GMT 2008

Using CVS integration in a Java IDE (Oracle JDeveloper 11g).

Client: CVSNT (also tested CVSNT
Server: CVSNT
Protocol: SSPI

When I try to open an older revision in the IDE's code editor or in  
the IDE's repository browser I get an access violation.
CVSNT then generates a dump file.

The analysis of the dump with DebugDiag says:

Function     Arg 1     Arg 2     Arg 3   Source
cvsapi!fnmatch+62b     00000000     00000000     00000001
cvsapi!get_date+259     00dd6d38     0012f744     00000001
cvs+3b883     00000000     00000000     00000000

CVSAPI!FNMATCH+62BWARNING - DebugDiag was not able to locate debug  
symbols for cvsapi.dll, so the information below may be incomplete.

In cvsnt- the  
assembly instruction at cvsapi!fnmatch+62b in C:\Program  
Files\CVSNT2\cvsapi.dll from March Hare Software Ltd has caused an  
access violation exception (0xC0000005) when trying to read from  
memory location 0x00000020 on thread 0

However, without debug symbols I am not sure how accurate the function  
information is. If someone needs the dump files I will be happy to  
provide them.
I contacted the vendor of the IDE and the first feedback was that "it  
must be a combination of a bug in CVSNT and your environment".
But CVSNT runs fine with WinCVS and CVSNT on my machine.

See thread at OTN:  

Has someone already seen this? Is it possible to tell what's going  
wrong from the trace (or the dump files)?


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