[cvsnt] (RC8) Very slow to start processing!

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Oct 29 19:36:58 GMT 2008


> The new RC9 is even slower than RC8! 

I do not see anything in the change list to account for that.

> // Test 4: (Instant response)
> // Lockserver stopped and file renamed
>  '~cvslock.exe'.

OK - so we've narrowed it down to the lock server.  Do you have 'lock server listens locally' set in the CVSNT control panel?

> Publishing mdns records for ...

I think there is a control panel setting to turn off MDNS on the advanced tab - if you are not enabling the enum protocol then there is no point in publishing the MDNS.

> No valid ipv6 address found for host

I'm pretty sure this is the reason.  Your PC has IPv6 installed but it is not configured.  CVSNT will always try and use IPv6 if it is available, and the delays you are seeing are commensurate with the applicable delays and timeouts. 

 Just uninstall IPv6, or alternatively - configure it so it works.  On XP you go to the properties of the network connection and uninstall the IPv6 service from there.

OS vendors are shipping IPv6 to install by default now (including MS, RedHat etc) however very few organisations configure it or even when it is configured it's dodgy, I seem to be constantly having to specify rsync -4 or ssh -4 or scp -4 because of IPv6 network problems.  CVSNT probably should have a 'use IPv4 only' setting (both the client and the server) but it'll have to wait.


Arthur Barrett

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