[cvsnt] Betr.: Re: Checkout Multiple TAG's - solved

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Sep 16 08:47:54 BST 2008


> I think you are `abusing' tags. It sounds like you add a tag 
> to a file when it belongs to a certain group 

Well spotted - I never would have worked out that was the point - though
it makes now...

We have thought about the need to store arbitrary attributes on files
and or on revisions for some time, and it is sometimes listed as a
feature of SVN:

Tony added a kind of this feature to 2.5.04 with keywords:

However 2.6/3.1/EVS has a much more flexible approach - really any sort
of attributes can be added, though I doubt that Tony has written a
command line interface to it yet (thought you could just use a SVN
client I suppose, EVS works well with SVN clients, particularly
TortoiseSVN).  I very much doubt if the user defined attributes show up
in the "Log" output or can be used as "checkout critieria", though they
are all good suggestions and again I think the svn command line may let
you use the "list" command to do something similar...


Arthur Barrett

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