[cvsnt] Version 2.5.04 build 3236 slow on windows 2008

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed May 27 00:53:06 BST 2009


> Does it cause any issue if these verifications 
> can not be done?  

Not technically, and the patches to 2.5.05 Tony's done should mean that
it doesn't try in future.  We wanted to check that the DLL was validly
signed (ie: the checksums match etc) but we inadvertently were also
checking that the certificate is valid (which requires an internet
connection to check for certificate revokation).

> I can probably think of a way to have these calls 
> return 'access denied' instead of just waiting for 
> timeouts.

Good idea.  The few people who I've spoken with indicate that quite a
lot of software suddenly starts to speed up when these sorts of problems
are fixed...



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