[cvsnt] Updating from regular tag marks some dirs with stickybranch tag instead of regular tag

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed May 27 20:50:30 BST 2009


Please reply to the group not me personally.

> Thanks for replying! The problem is not related to files, but
> directories only. 
> Actually we came across it simply because we checked out from 
> a regular
> tag and, by mistake, added a new file to CVS control - and the results
> was that CVS server created a branch called like the regular tag and
> added the file on that branch. 
> So, what I can give you are two Tag files from different directories,
> one showing T and the other N. Or is there another way I can 
> help you to
> help me?

What was the EXACT command you used to add the file?

When I checkout a non-branch tag and try and add a file in an existing
directory I get this error:
cvsnt server: cannot add file on non-branch tag CVSNT_2_5_03_3309

Please reply to the group not me personally.


Arthur Barrett

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