[cvsnt] Switch to user failed due to configuration error. Contactyour System Administrator

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Mon Oct 26 00:07:58 GMT 2009


>             cvs passwd -r cvsadmin -a user
> If I try to connect with "user" I receive the error: "Switch 
> to user failed due to configuration error.  Contact your 
> System Administrator"

The username 'cvsadmin' is special (it's like 'root' in unix or 'Administrator' in windows) and should not be used in the way you are trying to.

Create a non-admin user (eg: allcvsusers) and alias 'user' to that instead, if the problem still occurs please re-test with the 2.5.05 testing release and if the problem still exists create a ServerTraceFile and send just the relavent lines to the newsgroup and I'll look into it.


Arthur Barrett

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