[cvsnt] CVS Suite 2009 Trial [2009-3779] for Windows

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Fri Apr 30 12:11:07 BST 2010

We have just released an update to the preview of CVS Suite 2009 Trial Edition for Windows to improve support for Windows.  Other downloads are available for Mac OS X Intel, Red Hat Linux x86 and SuSE Linux x64.  CVS Suite 2009 is based on the 2.8.01 codeline (Soolin).

Fixes included in this release:
* trial Invalid License errors
* Oracle Audit and Oracle 10g clients
* Bugzilla integration crashes
* Bugzilla integration errors / changes showing as 'added files'
* Crashes related to CVSROOT/modules
* improved diagnostics for 'unable to rename file .. still trying' errors

Included in the trial edition are these components NOT AVAILABLE in the Community Edition:
* CVS Suite High Performance Server Service
* Bugzilla, Mantis and Atlassian Jira Integration
* Multi-Site unison synchronisation
* Visual Studio Integration (SCCI)
* CVS Suite Studio - Graphical CVS Client
* Release Manager
* Install Guide: eBook 'All About CVS'
* Guide: Using CVS Suite with Eclipse
* Guide: Using CVS Suite with SQL Navigator and Oracle

This is a major upgrade to CVS Suite Server and we now have trial editions available for Red Hat Linux x86, SuSE Linux x64, Mac OS X Intel and Windows with more platforms coming in the next few weeks - including Debian Lenny i386.

The trial installation guide for linux/unix is not available yet - but install is straightforward, eg: on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 x86:
$ tar xzf cvs-suite-trial-2009-3759-rh9-rpm.tar.gz
$ sudo rpm -e cvs
$ sudo rpm --nodeps -i cvsnt- cvsnt-suite-triggers-
$ sudo /sbin/chkconfig --add cvslockd
$ sudo /sbin/chkconfig --add cvsmanager
$ sudo /etc/init.d/cvslockd start
$ sudo /etc/init.d/cvsmanager start

Note: CVS Suite 2009 is still undergoing regression testing and so a recommended customer release will not be available for a few more days (or longer if we find problems). 

If you have questions about CVS Suite 2009 Trial Edition for Windows please contact the sales team (who also do pre-sales technical support):

 UK/Europe:     sales at march-hare.com
 Germany:       germany at march-hare.com
 Spain:         spain at march-hare.com
 North America: sales.us at march-hare.com
 Asia Pacific:  sales.au at march-hare.com

Also see the FAQs:

 * How much of the code is Free/Open Source
 * Are the commercial releases of CVS Suite the same as the free CVSNT?
 * Reports of malware or a virus in CVSNT
 * Are March Hare Software going to begin charging for CVSNT?


Arthur Barrett
Product Manager

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