[cvsnt] Default trigger library

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Feb 11 08:31:54 GMT 2010


> I'm sure this has been asked lots of times before but I couldn't find
> anything in the archive with Google.  I have built and installed CVSNT
> 2.5.04 build 3510 on my Debian 5.0.2 server 

There should be a dpkg on the debian server - it's been maintained over
the years, however about a year ago (maybe two?) we did put some effort
into ensuring that all the debian specific changes had been backported
into the tree.  It may have gotten out of sync again - look through the
cvsnt-dev archives for the discussion.

> "cvs [server aborted]: Couldn't open default trigger library: 
> No such file or directory"

The info.so (or info_trigger.so) in the /usr/lib/cvsnt/triggers or


Arthur Barrett

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